KAMELON is a modular integrated software solution that allows the definition, management and tracking of related company processes. KAMELON QMS - Quality Management System assists in compliance and covers the Safety and Quality management processes.The system is designed to be flexible and configurable in order to provide most appropriate solution for each company requirements and needs.


  • Modular, Parametric, Configurable and CustomizableEasy User Interface
  • Web based - remotely accessible
  • Compatible with mobile devices – responsive interface
  • Supports compliance with EASA, IOSA, CAA, ISO 9001 standards, related Civil Aviation rules etc
  • Expandable with additional development
  • Access permission to suppliers and customers as required to specific areas with defined permissions


KAMELON QMS assists in streamlining Audit Management throughout. Set up Audit Plans by multiple Categories such Quality, Safety and Security. KAMELON translates your company Audit Schedule and Audit Plans into a modern electronic platform. It keeps Audit Schedule revisions too.


KAMELON Audit module has an easy to use web based interface which allows 24/7 remote access and on site Audit Record capturing including Findings, Observations and NonConformances. Define Auditors and Autorisation levels. System generated Audit Reporting. Module has interface to NonConformance and Action Tracker modules.


Robust and Civil Aviation compliant Non Conformance (NC) Management process. Ability to define NC process, suitable parameters, finding levels, risk analysis and sources. Attachment of applicable documentation and Route Cause Analysis. Ability to use two (2) separate Due Dates (for the initial Plan and for the NC). Automatic email triggers, authority definitions and automatic reminders. Statistical dashboard reporting by NC department, status, levels etc.


Staff Report module is mainly use as generic staff report in quality and safety aspects. Supports continuous improvement and can be defined an process to follow with appropriate actions and approvals. It is also widely known as the Hazard Report Management process.


Any person can submit a confidential safety report which is 100% anonymous. The module supports commitment to safety and continuous improvement. It is accessible through web and mobile devices.


Issue and track announcements to individuals and / or departments. Capture and report read status of announcements. A powerful repository for all official company announcements. Accessible through mobile devices. Automatic email notification of New Announcements.


Define Meeting templates for regular meetings with regular topics and attendees. Set up meetings through the system. Generate meeting report with meeting actions. Links to KAMELON Action Tracker and manages all actions through the system.


Create and assign actions through KAMELON and let it manage the process for you. KAMELON will issue New Action notifications and track due dates. It keeps actions by different source categories such as Audits, NonConformance, Meeting, Inspection, Risk Analysis etc.


Flight Data Management - FDM Report is an aviation related process. KAMELON FDM Report management module allows online creation of New FDM report. Issues automatic emails on New FDM. Allows Risk Review and review of item by authorized departments and manages the FDM report. Provides statistical information. Reports back to the Captain or First Offices who created the FDM Report.


Incident Management module is an aviation related process. The module captures all incidents and provides an electronic platform to capture, manage and report all incidents.


Risk Management modules allows you to capture Risks by risk categories and groups and manage these risks. It links to the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) - Performance Management process.


The Performance Management module captures Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by category (such as Safety Performance Indicators SPI or Quality Performance Indicators QPI) and department processes. It captures KPI measurements against the set KPI target and provides graphical reporting.


Upload and maintain all company documents through Document Management module. Assign read or full rights by Departments or User level.


KAMELON offers a detailed company Personnel Module where you can capture and track all personnel related information e.g. Personnel Information, Trainings, Medicals, Languages, Roles, Competence etc.


Create and issue Surveys as required such as Safety Survey and collect information company wide. Ability to set up surveys to 3rd Party.


KAMELON Training allows you to define company Trainings and Training requirements. Comprehensive and intelligent algorithms allow you to define training requirements by multiple categories such as Departments, Roles, Titles, Profession Types and other parameters. KAMELON Training tracks training requirements, assists in Training Planning and Assignment. Captures attendance and registers on personnel records. It continuously monitors training for you and sends reminders to attendees and instructors prior trainings.


  • Supports management, analysis, tracking and reporting of key processes
  • Increases transparency and efficiency
  • Automated email and reminder systems help managing the workflow, improve efficiency
  • Mobile auditing capability of captured data with observations and non-conformances captured at source
  • Easy and controlled access to 3rd parties increasing efficiency in Non-Conformance Management
  • Monitor and analyse trends across the organisation from a central repository
  • Helps to develop a culture of continuous improvement
  • And more… companies utilize KAMELON QMS differently based on their needs and priorities